Sage is an emerging talent looking to make a name for himself. A young upstart in Winnipeg’s comedy

scene, Sage has a penchant for making people laugh. Sage is a Manitoba born Native, where he grew up

in the city of Brandon. Sage has spent his entire life following the Red Road, utilizing his Native

American roots to further his comedic prowess. At a young age, an elder once told him about the

importance of comedy in storytelling: “If you tell a story and nobody laughed, then you need to find a

better way to tell the story”. Sage took the advice of the elder to heart and dedicated himself to finding

ways to make people laugh.

A newer face to the comedy world, there isn’t a venue you won’t catch him at. Sage is always trying to

better himself as a comedian and a writer. He seeks out stage time to perfect his voice and writing style,

showing a true love for the art of Comedy. Sage has what it takes to make it as a Comic: relentless,

dedicated, and most importantly, funny.