Mike Green

Mike Green



Mike Green is thrilled that you are reading his bio, and hopes it wasn’t the result of clicking the wrong link after google searching Mike Green the NHL player.  Mike Green the comedian has told jokes for years on stages all across the country, and is in all likelihood even more satisfied with his life than Mike Green the NHL player.  Mike Green is most proud of the work he’s done touring the last few years with the Raise the Woof fundraisers shows which benefit animal shelters all across Canada.
This Mike Green has been building a reputation for the past 7 years by working with some of the top comedic acts in North America and freelance work with the CBC. He’s always eager to get onstage at any type of show, from the weekly open mic he’s run for the past 6 years, hosting at the inaugural ODDBLOCK Festival, and the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, for which he’s been picked 6 years consecutively.  Also, he’s as handsome as he is brave.

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